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Alive in Baghdad at the Vloggies

October 27, 2006

Another Rocket in Baghdad

Originally uploaded by aliveinbaghdad.

Many viewers have voted for AliveInBaghdad as their favorite documentary and/or political video blog. I’m excited to say that Brian Conley, the Boston-based editor of the videos sent to him surreptitiously from Iraq, will be attending the Vloggies.

Friday, Oct. 27th is the last day to vote for the Vloggies. Make it count.

Chuck Olsen of Minnesota Stories driving a cab to the Vloggies

October 24, 2006

Moustachio’d, while supplies last

Originally uploaded by Chuckumentary.

Chuck Olsen has grown this lovely lip wig and plans to make extra money for his Vloggies trip by driving a cab. If you haven’t seen Minnesota Stories, it’s really worth a gander. And between you and me, at least one of our Vloggies judges has picked it as a favorite community vlog! Shh, don’t tell anyone. (That’s one out of 14 so don’t get too excited about me spilling any beans….besides, we’re all winners!)

Chuck is also known as one of the first correspondents for Rocketboom, another Vloggies favorite contestant.

See you soon Chuck! Maybe we can watch a video of you shaving that sexy thing off you face? Hint hint. Or better yet, maybe Chuck can wear a ruffle -front shirt and a light blue tuxedo to our red -carpet party?

Last Call for Nominations, but it’s never too late to party!

October 18, 2006

Hey Kids, today is the last day to nominate yourself or your favorite vlogs or online video for a Vloggy — but it’s never too late for you to join us in celebrating that we did all this in our pajamas! We created an industry without leaving the house! Well, I’m exaggerating as usual (sort of) but you know what I mean.

Yes, yes the Vloggies are awards, but more than anything, the Vloggies is a party for US, you and me and your friend, your husband, your brother — whoever holds your camera or compresses your video or does whatever it is that makes the online video world a community.

I’m gonna say it. Ready? We’re all winners!

Don’t Wait — Nominate Thyself

October 11, 2006

I’m getting tons of emails about who can nominate whom and when and why — as the queen of tooting my own horn, I’ve set up the Vloggies as a self-nominating scenario. In other words, the Vloggies is a party for us to celebrate ourselves — just like I didn’t wait for a news organization to hire me to start reporting for Geek Entertainment Television, no one needs to wait to nominate their video or vlog for an award here.
I know it’s not a perfect submissions process, so if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at irina at podtech dot net or leave a comment here.

I’m surprised to see so few nominations so far in the cooking vlogs! And you can enter you favorite YouTube viral videos in the individual videos categories too.

The nominations process will close on Oct. 18 and the voting will begin on Oct. 20 and end on Oct. 27.