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Vlog Deathmatch = vlogsta rap

May 13, 2007

This week on the Vloggies Show, Irina aka MC Slutsky answers the Vlog Deathmatch challenge by writing and rapping an original song with music and some vocal help by her “Boobs in a Box” maestro and nerdcore genius Doctor Popular. Watch the T-unit (Ev Williams, Jack Dorsey, Chris Messina, Vloggies winner Gary Vaynerchuk, and Crystal) head-nod at the Obvious office in South Park and don’t forget to go to the Vlog Deathmatch site to vote for Irina starting May 16th. Our “must watch” online video pick of the week is our favorite Hollywood actor featured in Unleashed. CREDITS- Starring Irina Slutsky and Doctor Popular; Lyrics By Irina Slutsky and Doctor Popular; Music By Doctor Popular; Produced By Nora McDevitt; Directed By Nora McDevitt; Edited By Lee Cummings and Nora McDevitt; Camera/Sound Lee Cummings.

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