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The Vloggies Show Episode 8: LOL Cats

May 19, 2007

This week on the Vloggies Show we take a look at the LOLcats phenomena with our adaptation of I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER and CEILING CAT. Guest Starring: Schlomo Rabinowitz and Veronica Belmont. Also, we made our own scary movie with vlogger Ryan Junell who is the organizer and creator of the SlowMo Horror Festival. Check out Vloggies online video pick of the week Cute with Chris. And don’t forget to vote for our music video at Vlog DeathMatch. The deadline for voting is midnight on Monday, May 21, 2007. (CREDITS: Starring Irina Slutsky, Schlomo Rabinowitz, Veronica Belmont, and Ryan Junnell; Written By Irina Slutsky, Veronica Belmont, Ryan Junnell, Nora McDevitt; Produced By Nora McDevitt; Directed By Nora McDevitt; Edited By Lee Cummings.

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Vlog Deathmatch = vlogsta rap

May 13, 2007

This week on the Vloggies Show, Irina aka MC Slutsky answers the Vlog Deathmatch challenge by writing and rapping an original song with music and some vocal help by her “Boobs in a Box” maestro and nerdcore genius Doctor Popular. Watch the T-unit (Ev Williams, Jack Dorsey, Chris Messina, Vloggies winner Gary Vaynerchuk, and Crystal) head-nod at the Obvious office in South Park and don’t forget to go to the Vlog Deathmatch site to vote for Irina starting May 16th. Our “must watch” online video pick of the week is our favorite Hollywood actor featured in Unleashed. CREDITS- Starring Irina Slutsky and Doctor Popular; Lyrics By Irina Slutsky and Doctor Popular; Music By Doctor Popular; Produced By Nora McDevitt; Directed By Nora McDevitt; Edited By Lee Cummings and Nora McDevitt; Camera/Sound Lee Cummings.

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Alive in Baghdad at the Vloggies

October 27, 2006

Another Rocket in Baghdad

Originally uploaded by aliveinbaghdad.

Many viewers have voted for AliveInBaghdad as their favorite documentary and/or political video blog. I’m excited to say that Brian Conley, the Boston-based editor of the videos sent to him surreptitiously from Iraq, will be attending the Vloggies.

Friday, Oct. 27th is the last day to vote for the Vloggies. Make it count.

Chuck Olsen of Minnesota Stories driving a cab to the Vloggies

October 24, 2006

Moustachio’d, while supplies last

Originally uploaded by Chuckumentary.

Chuck Olsen has grown this lovely lip wig and plans to make extra money for his Vloggies trip by driving a cab. If you haven’t seen Minnesota Stories, it’s really worth a gander. And between you and me, at least one of our Vloggies judges has picked it as a favorite community vlog! Shh, don’t tell anyone. (That’s one out of 14 so don’t get too excited about me spilling any beans….besides, we’re all winners!)

Chuck is also known as one of the first correspondents for Rocketboom, another Vloggies favorite contestant.

See you soon Chuck! Maybe we can watch a video of you shaving that sexy thing off you face? Hint hint. Or better yet, maybe Chuck can wear a ruffle -front shirt and a light blue tuxedo to our red -carpet party?

That voice!

October 23, 2006

Veteran producer, writer and voice-over artist Joe Klein will entertain the audience and work his magic as the off-stage announcer for the first annual Vloggies award ceremony on November 4 in San Francisco. Joe is the co-founder of The Podcast Voice Guys, a voice-over and audio production services company, opened for business late last year

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Joe and I (that’s me, Irina) have talked on my landline (like 3 people know that number) more times than I’ve talked to anyone else about producing sound and music for the Vloggies and this “voice guy” is going to go as over-the-top as I’ve asked him to go when he introduces people like Kevin Rose from diggnation and Chuck Olsen from Minnesota Stories.

Galacticast lands @ Vloggies

October 16, 2006

There is one woman in the Vlogosphere who makes you hurt so good = Casey McKinnon. If you haven’t seen Galacticast, stop reading now and click here. Casey and co-producer Rudy Jahchan are “teh bombs” when it comes to giving you what they got, and they got a lot — new wiki features let Galacticast fans write a script for an episode!

Casey is a fellow “fake diva” — this means that we can dress up but we don’t mind getting down and dirty behind the scenes.

So for all those lucky enough to be in San Francisco for the Vloggies award ceremony on Nov. 4, Galacticast hotties Casey and Rudy will be there to make us drool and laugh.

BOLO* for Ninja at Vloggies

October 14, 2006

*be on the lookout

Galaxy-famous AskANinja plans to make an appearance at the Vloggies on Nov. 4, though with the speed-of-light movements and ceiling-corner rest stops, you may miss the infamous vlogness monster.

If you want to vote for the Ninja as your favorite comedy vlog, fyi = the Ninja has more than 40,000 rabid fans on MySpace and may simply shut down the Vloggies site when voting begins on Oct. 20. I am just reporting facts here, not biased at all (full disclosure: I am not I eligible to vote nor am I eligible for a Favorites Award). For proof that I’m not at all a groupie, see the GETV interview.

Keep an eye out for them in an upcoming edition of The New York Times Magazine, where AskANinja is the centerfold and in mid-November, you’ll be able to own the vlog’s compilation DVD with extras and never-before-seen footage. More Ninja than you thought you could handle — but you thought wrong!

Rocketboom says “See ya at the Vloggies!”

October 9, 2006

Andew Barron and Joanne Colan from Rocketboom just sent me an email to confirm they’ll be at the Vloggies. I’m excited to hear this since with their daily show and New York City locale, I wasn’t sure they could make it cross-country for the night. And Chuck Olsen (who is dressed as a Viking in today’s RB episode) is coming as well!

But seeing as how Rocketboom and Joanne and Chuck (Minnesota Stories) are nominated in several categories, it’s great to know they’ll be there. If you have a vlog and you are nominated or you have nominated yourself, the award ceremony is your night to party with us!