The Vloggies Show – a glimpse into the world of vlogging and online video stuff, from networks to people to software to new shows and, of course, the countdown to The Second Annual Vloggies Awards 2007.

About 2nd Annual Vloggies 2007

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Michael Douglas Says:

    PodTech’s Vloggies program is very well done. Great vision and leadership in this emerging industry.

  2. Grandjacques Says:

    this message just to let you know that there are some vlogs in France too. This one exists since april and is about video experiencing. the new thing is that i reveived a price for one of these films in a regular festival. So, vlogs are finally not closed.

  3. Kopper Says:

    What happened to vloggies.com? Seems to have disappeared…

  4. Shakir Razak Says:


    Could someone at podtech look at the products of a company called “Forbidden Technologies”.

    and their products at clesh.com and forscene.co.uk -you might find them interesting!

    Yours kindly,

    Shakir Razak

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