No Coffee!

This week on the Vloggies Show, Ryanne Hodson pays a surprise visit to Irina and questions her “ungreen” ways. Vloggers, mark your calendars for the Slomo Horror Festival and Pixelodeon. Also, if you’ve seen an online video that you think rocks, email us with your comments and the link. Going forward, we will pick a new video each week to highlight in the show. [Credits: Starring Irina Slutsky, Ryanne Hodson; Produced By Nora McDevitt; Written By Irina Slutsky and Nora McDevitt; Directed by Nora McDevitt; Camera/Sound Lee Cummings; Editor/Colorist Lee Cummings]

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12 Responses to “No Coffee!”

  1. Lloyd Budd Says:

    It is Irina’s fault!

  2. Marshall Kirkpatrick Says:

    You know, some people say that the energy required to make one plastic coffee mug outstrips a whole lot of paper cups! Well, Make says ( ) that if you can keep a plastic mug for more than 25 uses, then you’re saving juice. How often do you lose coffee mugs?? I lose them about once every 2 months or so 😦

  3. Casey Says:

    DAMN YOU, IRINA! You’re ruining my environment!!!

  4. Harold Says:

    What?!? Los Angeles?!? I’m there. (Right now I’m there.) I’m gonna be there. How much? Where? Where’s Google?

  5. Steve Woolf Says:

    HA! i *loved* this! I want to fly, too! i drink green tea out of a mug! someone take me flying!

  6. Nick Schmidt Says:

    I won’t be able to make Pixelodeon!! NOOOOOOO!!! I wanted to go.. !!! 😦
    Oh well just give me the update about it later.


  7. missb Says:

    Oh, Green Earth Fairy, please save Irina! If you save Irina then the planet will live and I’LL get to drink my coffee!

    (and, I’d also like to learn how to fly, too, if you don’t mind)

  8. Carl Weaver Says:

    Thanks, Irina. Thanks a hell of a lot for destroying the coffee beans. Damned tea leaves…

    Seriosuly – great PSA here. We all need to be reminded of this stuff.

  9. mike Says:

    Yea, what gives, I’ve been trying to take care of the environment the last few years… I’ve never got to fly around San Francisco with Ryanne 🙂 Damn. I’m gonna start leaving my TV and radio on all night so I get a surprise visit.

  10. Coral Says:

    Save Irina. Save paper, use leaves. Save water, drink wine.

    All the best

  11. Anonymous Says:

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  12. Toon Says:

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