So You Wanna Be A Star?

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This week on the Vloggies Show, Schlomo guest stars. Irina Slutsky goes to Hollywood to get an agent only to discover that Hollywood and Silicon Valley are still worlds apart. She also meets up with her friend John James for another cooking lesson that lands her in some very hot water. (Credits– Starring: Irina Slutsky, Schlomo, John James; Produced by: Nora McDevitt; Written By: Irina Slutsky, Schlomo, John James, Nora McDevitt; Director/Editor: Nora McDevitt)

Download Video (MP4)

6 Responses to “So You Wanna Be A Star?”

  1. Carl Weaver Says:

    Poor Pinchy the Lobster!

    I loved the agent part. You and Schlomo are geniuses.

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