Anything Goes Vs. Civility Enforced

This week on the Vloggies Show, Irina and the notorious Violet Blue get into it over Anything Goes vs. Civility Enforced. In the news this week, Tim O’Reilly‘s Code of Conduct “Manifesto” which suggests that bloggers and vloggers need to mind their p’s and q’s was the hot topic raising heated debates amongst new and old media.

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14 Responses to “Anything Goes Vs. Civility Enforced”

  1. Christian Spanring's Blog Says:


    If you’re a jerk you might so go ahead and be a jerk. [The Vloggies]

    It’s freedom what makes the internet to such an exciting communication media. Any kind of censorship undermines the very nature of the internet. At the end of the day it…

  2. AltpornPlanet » Blog Archive » on the vloggies show: anything goes vs. civility enforced! Says:

    […] the show post; embed is after the […]

  3. Livette Says:

    Nice blog!

  4. cisc Says:

    The following codes from the draft bloggers code of conduct are of particular interest to me –
    “We define unacceptable content as anything included or linked to that…
    – violates an obligation of confidentiality
    – violates the privacy of others”

    I’ve posted some crappy vlog and blog posts in the past but I’ve always had the premise to make harmless material. I’ve purposely not named and meta tagged media as a form of privacy.

  5. Ben Laurie Says:

    I’d love to comment on the vlog (or whatever you like to call it) but I can’t because whatever it is you’re using for streaming _utterly sucks_. I get about 5 seconds at a time and then “buffering”.

  6. schlomo Says:

    On the Civility Scale, I rate this a 10!

  7. Nelson Says:

    I love it when one woman calls another a hussy.
    There is something about the word, it’s so full
    of possibility.

  8. Eric Says:

    Violet: “I find that some people like pain, and that it enhances their internet experience”

    Priceless 😉

  9. Coral Says:


    I love your video blogs – especially this one!

    I abhore control of power. The Internet is now regarded as a potential propaganda tool, as well as an outlet for creativity and art in its various forms. Whoever controls the Internet controls the World.

    I made a ridiculous badge for my site. Would you care to look?


  10. Ganz Teddy Bears Says:

    Anyway, Ashley finishes her story and then goes around the room and asks everyone else why they’ re supporting the campaign. They all have different stories and reasons. Many bring up a specific issue. And finally they come to this elderly black man who’ s been sitting there quietly the entire time. And Ashley asks him why he’ s there. And he does not bring up a specific issue. He does not say health care or the economy. He does not say education or the war. He does not say that he was there because of…

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