SXSW footage is your ticket to the Vloggies

So everyone has had some time to get over their SXSW hangovers — now all those with video cameras (I saw all of you!) put a little clip together about your trip to Austin and enter the Vloggies SXSW challenge. All you have to do is post the video on your site and link to this post and you have a chance to win two tickets to fly to the Vloggies in LA and to be invited to help judge the Vloggies. Thanks to Seagate, you can also win:

1. First Place: Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB

2. Second Place: Seagate Maxtor One Touch III 500GB

3. Third Place: Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB

9 Responses to “SXSW footage is your ticket to the Vloggies”

  1. missb Says:

    So the Vloggies are in LA?

  2. vloggies Says:

    Yeah, the Vloggies will be in LA this year in November. We’re looking into cool venues right now…watch for that on a future episode of the Vloggies Show 🙂

  3. Tajee Says:

    Thanks, Irina!!
    I’m looking forward to the Vloggies in Nov! I love to go to LA^^

  4. chuck Says:

    I go where Tajee goes!

  5. giovanni gallucci Says:

    We’d like to enter this video in the Vloggies SXSW challenge.

    whurley and I stayed up all night Sunday-Monday and edited together a rough 6 minutes from the 36 hours of tape captured at BarCampAustin II. This event was held two blocks away from and during SXSWi. We hade almost 1000 attendees throughout the 18 hour event. You might recognize some familiar faces in the video :-).

    We posted the video to YouTube, but obviously can provide a higher quality version of the same video.

    Please pass it along to anyone and everyone as we hope it will help promote all things BarCamp. We’ll also be adding sessions, round tables, and other videos on at a rate of 2 or 3 a week for the next few weeks. So if there is something that happened and you missed it, you should be able to recapture the moment online in the near future.

  6. Veronica Belmont » SXSW clips video Says:

    […] I’m entering this in the Vloggies SXSW video challenge. […]

  7. Susan Says:

    I already uploaded mine to your site; is it still submitted?

  8. giovanni gallucci Says:

    Oops…I didn’t follow the directions exactly…


    Hannah Montana concert

    THANKS!, Awesome Site,Great Point, Excellent Post, Great Blog, Cool Info

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