Can we talk?

I can’t wait to go to the YouTube Awards and get dressed up and see the winners and have a party! Oh , wait….. Seriously though, the more the merrier!

When we originally made up the Vloggies, we sought to shed light on the best and brightest of the vlogosphere and back then it was hard for us to get into the gigantic YouTube community. I’m glad YouTube is going to recognize the hard work and talent of those who have been making great videos for a while now.

3 Responses to “Can we talk?”

  1. umair Says:

    youtube is having some type of awards … lemme check …

  2. markdaycomedy Says:

    If you vote for me and I win (the “best commentary” section, for which I am indeed nominated… ) you can come to my birthday party. How does that sound?

  3. karen Says:

    are you going to hurt me?

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