Robert Scoble Talks To Rocketboom at SXSW

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Robert Scoble talks to Rocketboom‘s Andrew Baron and ReinventingErica‘s Erica O’Grady, at SXSW.

4 Responses to “Robert Scoble Talks To Rocketboom at SXSW”

  1. Drew Says:

    Oh gosh, Ive gotta stop being on camera. Props to Rex SORGATZ for the Firefox trick and Joanne and Ian for creating the backwards episode (my favorite RB to date).

  2. charlesfrith Says:

    Very American to ask. “What are you famous for?” rather than what do you do. As if the fame is more important than the function.

  3. Robert Scoble Says:

    Charlesfrith: I always ask “who are you and what do you do” when I start an interview. It might be American, but it’s effective, cause what I want to talk about is their work, not their food eating habits or something else.

  4. blessmx Says:

    What’s next?

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