AliveInBaghdad wins Intel Core2Duo laptop

The Vloggies

Originally uploaded by Laughing Squid.

3 Responses to “AliveInBaghdad wins Intel Core2Duo laptop”

  1. Qasem Says:

    Hi all
    Nice to see Brian Happy again ,,,, he di great job and he worked hard for peace …he still working for peace ….cheer up brian ..U have great friends ….and good luck for U and for your hope for Peace in Iraq and the world .

    Qasem Iraq /Ramadi

  2. think jose » Vloggies a success! Says:

    […] I had a chance to attend the pre-party Friday night in San Francisco for the Vloggies and run into folks from askaninja, fireant,, dabble, and other web 2.0 companies that have names that look great on a t-shirt.  (scwag is definitely back in vogue – I scored hats, t-shirts, yoyo’s, flash drives, biners, flash lights, etc. on this trip) The Vloggies (Video + Blog = Vlog) gave out awards in a slew of categories Saturday night. Congrats to Alive in Baghdad for taking top honors.  (hosted on I might add) There are great photos, video, and more coverage from these folks: […]

  3. LaptopsofAlbany Says:

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    sony vaio notebook sz440

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