Tally almost done

We’re tallying up the judges’ favorite picks! Almost there. This is my first time ever doing anything like this and the judges were super awsome, looking through more than 500 submissions to pick out their favorites out of many many that everyone loved. This process was not perfect and the judges had many suggestions for me for next time. Favorite picks for both the judges and Peoples’ Choice Award (which we are also tallying as we speak) considered in the following categories:

  1. Vlog
  2. Female Vlogger
  3. Male Vlogger
  4. Tech Vlog
  5. News Vlog
  6. Travel Vlog
  7. Group Vlog
  8. Political Vlog
  9. Documentary Vlog
  10. Personal Diary Vlog
  11. Corporate/Organization Vlog
  12. Comedy Vlog
  13. Community Vlog
  14. Instructional/Educational Vlog
  15. Kids & Teens Vlog
  16. Cooking Vlog
  17. Green Vlog
  18. Inspirational/Spiritual Vlog
  19. Entertainment Vlog (Fiction)
  20. Entertainment Vlog (non-Fiction)
  21. Experimental Vlog
  22. Interview in a Vlog
  23. Vlog Special Effects
  24. Editing in a Video
  25. Vlog Site Design
  26. Original Vlog Music
  27. Vlogging Books
  28. Video Hosting Provider
  29. Vlog Directory
  30. Collaboration Vlog
  31. Online Video Produciton Tool
  32. Most Controversial Video
  33. Viral Video
  34. Funniest Video
  35. Experimental Video

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