Presentus Celebritas

Sorry folks, I am a full believer in the ridiculousity of celebrity, so I celebrate (pun intended) our micro-celebrity status in the vlogosphere and enjoy it throroughly! And I invite everyone to make fun of me for it on the red carpet in front of the Swedish American Hall on Market Street where the Flickrazzi will be in full effect!

In that vein, my presenters are all personalities of the vlogosphere who we love, hate and love to love and hate.

Here are some of them (in no order, my brain is not linear):

Kevin Rose of diggnation

Kent Nichols and Doug Sarine of AskANinja

Casey McKinnon of Galacticast

Andrew Baron of Rocketboom

Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf of JetSetShow

Schlomo Rabinowitz of Echoplex Park

Chuck Olsen of Minnesota Stories

Michael Verdi of FreeVlog

Robert Scoble of The Scoble Show

Paul Knight of PJK Productions

Richard Hall of Richard Show

Josh Leo of JoshLeo

Bill Streeter of LoFiStLouis

Brian Conley of AliveinBaghdad

Bekah Havens of MissBHavens

The Tagami Kids of

2 Responses to “Presentus Celebritas”

  1. josh leo Says:

    why do I get a lol behind my name?

  2. rick rey Says:

    Yes, the Tagami kids!

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