Chuck Olsen of Minnesota Stories driving a cab to the Vloggies

Moustachio’d, while supplies last

Originally uploaded by Chuckumentary.

Chuck Olsen has grown this lovely lip wig and plans to make extra money for his Vloggies trip by driving a cab. If you haven’t seen Minnesota Stories, it’s really worth a gander. And between you and me, at least one of our Vloggies judges has picked it as a favorite community vlog! Shh, don’t tell anyone. (That’s one out of 14 so don’t get too excited about me spilling any beans….besides, we’re all winners!)

Chuck is also known as one of the first correspondents for Rocketboom, another Vloggies favorite contestant.

See you soon Chuck! Maybe we can watch a video of you shaving that sexy thing off you face? Hint hint. Or better yet, maybe Chuck can wear a ruffle -front shirt and a light blue tuxedo to our red -carpet party?

2 Responses to “Chuck Olsen of Minnesota Stories driving a cab to the Vloggies”

  1. Michael Meiser Says:

    Where are the promo videos?

  2. chuck Says:

    oh crap…i shoulda woulda coulda done a Vloggies promo before shavin’ me moustache!

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