Voting starts NOW

Nominations are closed, go VOTE!

The last day of voting for our favorite online videos and vlogs is Oct. 27 and then we get to party on Nov. 4 in San Francisco!

If you don’t vote, I’m gonna spank you!

6 Responses to “Voting starts NOW”

  1. rick rey Says:

    so if i don’t vote… you will spank me? promise???

  2. Drew Olanoff Says:

    Good luck to everyone, we’re a fan of all of your work!

  3. vloggies Says:

    i will spank you rick. you can’t get away now.

  4. Casey Says:

    Can I spank Rick?

  5. vloggies Says:

    i think rick’s butt is now open for spanking by everyone in an evening gown

  6. eddie c Says:

    someone tape it and submit it to the vloggies next year!

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