BOLO* for Ninja at Vloggies

*be on the lookout

Galaxy-famous AskANinja plans to make an appearance at the Vloggies on Nov. 4, though with the speed-of-light movements and ceiling-corner rest stops, you may miss the infamous vlogness monster.

If you want to vote for the Ninja as your favorite comedy vlog, fyi = the Ninja has more than 40,000 rabid fans on MySpace and may simply shut down the Vloggies site when voting begins on Oct. 20. I am just reporting facts here, not biased at all (full disclosure: I am not I eligible to vote nor am I eligible for a Favorites Award). For proof that I’m not at all a groupie, see the GETV interview.

Keep an eye out for them in an upcoming edition of The New York Times Magazine, where AskANinja is the centerfold and in mid-November, you’ll be able to own the vlog’s compilation DVD with extras and never-before-seen footage. More Ninja than you thought you could handle — but you thought wrong!

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